The Science of Beauty: Three Natural Dark Spot Corrector

Dark spots… I can’t even begin to explain how much they bother me and how many I have had to treat over the years. About 7 years ago I began to suffer with adult acne. Like many others, I’m a picker. I can’t stand to have a bump on my face so I pick them and when not properly done they result in scars. Most times, I end up just using my fingers and that’s pretty gross and completely wrong on so many levels. 

With that being said, I have spent thousands of dollars on creams to remove these scars. In recent years, I have utilized my scientific background to utilize natural products. Here is my list of three foods that you can use to fade dark spots. 

Lemon: If you haven’t figured it out yet, lemons are absolute gold. They increase metabolism allowing for slimmer midsections, they boost immune response because they are a great source of vitamin C, they aid in digestion and applied topically they decrease fade hyperpigmentation and improve overall texture and appearance of the skin. Mixing lemon juice win a little honey, if your skin is sensitive, and applying it to your dark spots with a cotton ball will surely fade them. Apply lemon juice twice a day to your problem areas. 

Onions: I know plenty of people that would rather not touch an onion ever but they have phenomenal health benefits. I particularly love red onions; I’m pretty sure I could eat them completely alone. Onions contain vitamin C which aids in immunity and they also contain chromium which aids in regulating blood sugar in the body. Rubbing onion onto your dark spots a few times a week will help fade them, decrease inflammation and aid in fighting infection. If you have acne prone skin this is particularly beneficial. 

Potatoes: Potatoes are good. That’s just the truth and I’m not here to debate that. I love potatoes and enjoy them in many different forms. Not only are they responsible for the existence of French fries but potatoes also possess bleaching properties. Get a white potato, cut it in half and rub it into your dark spots a few times a week to see drastic changes in your skin. The potato both fades hyperpigmentation and exfoliates so I definitely suggest using this method at night. 

All of these items can be founds in most of our kitchens and they work!!! If you’re looking to save some money or just looking for more natural ways to deal with your hyperpigmentation certainly check these out. To read my past posts on the Science of Beauty, click here. 


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