Natural Hair Rules: 3 Tips to Detangling

Ahhhhhh… TANGLES… I can’t even begin to describe how annoyed I am by a tangled mane. Because I live in a wash and go, by wash day, my hair is one huge tangle. It takes some serious time and patience to properly detangle but as I have said many times before…

I am a lazy natural. 

I’m not one of those all day wash day type girls. I just can’t do it. I have found some ways to greatly lessen my detangling time and here are my three best tips.


  • Pre-poo: So your hair is extremely tangled and I can guarantee you that dryness only intensifies the tangles. Add a little moisture to your hair to lubricate your stands so that they can easily slide past one another during the detangling process. Whether you use an oil, a conditioner or some other concoction it will certainly be beneficial to your hair and save you some strands. 


  • Shampoo in a downward motion: If you have watched shampoo commercials, you have seen the WRONG way to shampoo your hair. Slapping shampoo in your already tangled strands and then slapping your hair back and forth only worsens the tangles. Now only are you removing any oils or products that could help you detangle but your tangling your hair even more. Shampoo massaging your scalp and pulling the shampoo down to your ends rather than just violating your strands completely, please.


  • Detangle with conditioner: Yes, I’m totally aware that your hair is at its weakest point when it’s wet… but I also know the laws of friction and those win. Pulling dry strands past one another and in opposite directions is a recipe for disaster. You’re going to end up with enough hair in your comb or shower to make you feel some type of way. If you apply a conditioner to your wet hair with great slip it can allow for the strands to easily be removed from knots or tangles with hair intact… And please please please use your fingers or a WIDE TOOTH COMB!!! I have found that detangling with conditioner under running water has been extremely effective and so much easier!!!


I am not a hairstylist by trade but I know hair, a lot of science and I have copious amount of experience. Being natural for so long has allowed me more than enough time to do all of the WRONG things and over time I have figured out all of the RIGHT things. Try these tips out! Not everything works for everyone but I’m sure you can benefit from at least one of these. Thank you for reading!!! To read past posts, click here.


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